Add your Poems and Prayers

A question often asked by users, can I add my own Poem or Prayer for future use when creating Personalized Print pieces in the Life Tributes software?

Yes, you can add your own that are saved for future use. When adding or editing a prayer verse or poem in Life Tributes, scroll to the bottom of the list of selections. At the bottom of the list you’ll find the item “Custom”.  After the text entry screen appears either type of past your text on the form. You can format the text using a variety of options and when finished be sure to click on “Save”. In the Save window that will appear type in a name for your customized script and click “OK”. You’ll now see your newly added script added to the selection list.

Have you ever added your own prayer or poem in Life Tributes? Please post your comments, questions or suggestions here in the CarriageOne Blog.


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