Helpful Links?

Can we display local businesses that we recommend on our CarriageOne website?

Yes you can! After logging into the One Backend System, click on the Website tab. After clicking on the Website tab, click on “Helpful Links”. From within the Helpful Links section, click on the green button labeled “New Category”, name the category (such as hotels) and click the Submit button. Now that you’ve made a category, click on the Help Links menu at the top again and you’ll see your new Helpful Link category. We have the Helpful Links webpage deactivated so that you have a chance to add your Helpful Links before the webpage can be viewed. To activate the Helpful Links webpage, from the One Backend System please click on the Webpage tab. From within the Website tab, please click on Setup. In the list of setup items you’ll notice we added Helpful Links in the Resources section. Please check the box for Helpful Links webpage and click Submit at the bottom of the Setup webpage to activate the Helpful Links webpage. Waalaaa!

Have you ever wanted to add a local business as a reference on your website? Please post your questions, comments or suggestions regarding Helpful Links here in the CarriageOne Blog.


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  1. Ron Duhaime
    Ron Duhaime

    Dan, I went to display businesses and added a category “Cemeteries” but can’t figure out how to add the information (address & phone number).

  2. Dan
    Dan Farr

    Ron, I’m glad you’re utilizing this great new webpage on your website. Once you’ve added the category (Cemeteries), please go back to the top of the screen and click on Helpful Links. When you click on Helpful Links you’ll see the categories you’ve added, in this case Cemeteries. On the right hand side of the category list you’ll find an action called View Links. When you click on View Links you’ll find a green colored button at the bottom of the screen called New Helpful Link. Please click on New Helpful Link and add the details for the Helpful Link listing. I hope this helps, thanks for posting the question in the blog here for everyones benefit.

  3. Ron Duhaime
    Ron Duhaime


    Completed the entries for Cemeteries. Very easy, thank you.