Edit condolences?

A question we often hear is; how can I remove or edit condolences or photographs from a Memorial Website?

The solution is really very easy. Please go to the Memorial Website for the individual deceased that you want to edit or remove written condolences or photos. Once you’re at the Memorial Website, on the far right across from the name and dates for the deceased you’ll find in small letters the word “Login”. Please click on Login and select “Life Tributes” as the account type. Please enter the same administrative login you would use for to access the One Backend System of your website to login here. Once you’ve logged in from the Memorial Website, you now have the ability to edit or remove condolences and/or photographs. Please be sure to logout at the same place you found the Login option.

Have you ever tried to edit or remove posts from the Tribute Wall? Please post your questions, comments or suggestions here in the CarriageOne Blog.


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