A really great resource sometimes overlooked is the FAQ webpage (Frequently Asked Questions) on the CarriageOne support website. The FAQ webpage gives you helpful answers to questions that often arise with the Life Tributes software. Please be sure to check-out the FAQ webpage today. To access the FAQ webpage, please open this topic and click on the following link.


Have you ever used this webpage in the past?  Is the FAQ webpage helpful?  Is this blog post here helpful?  Please post your questions, comments or suggestions here in the CarriageOne Blog.


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  1. Mike

    I could not find anything regarding editing staff photos and bios in the FAQ. I have submitted a help request. I realize this isnt a frequently done procedure but it does happen from time to time.

  2. Dan
    Dan Farr

    This is a great question. This is not something that everyone at the business would have access to for security reasons. Because of this, I’ve held off posting instructions for entering or editing staff members profiles on the website. If the Managing Partner has someone designated to do this type of updating, please call me (Dan) at 800-798-2575 ext. 4