Community Events?

The CarriageOne websites provide a webpage that the Carriage business can list community events. Recently we added the functionality to add photos and documents.

Have you used the community events webpage yet? Is it necessary to have a community events webpage? What is it about the community events webpage that you like? If you could change the community events webpage, how would you change it (please be specific)?


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  1. Christy

    I’ve used the community events page, and while it’s helpful, it’s not user-friendly. Sometimes we have events that have no specific start and stop time/day (say, Pumpkin Patch Week in October), or we have a recurring event over multiple days (every Tuesday at the steak house, etc.).

    I’ve also noticed it doesn’t register when you hit Enter, does the system accept HTML?

    It would also be nice to have pictures that aren’t squared. We had a company logo for a sponsor that we had to chop up because it was horizontal.

    I would also add the ability to add other files instead of just .doc and .pdf. Never know when it would come in handy! Would work well for large images that can’t be squared, or an audio file.

  2. Dan
    Dan Farr

    As always we welcome suggestions and feedback. It’s suggestions like these that help us to improve the CarriageOne offering of products and services. Based on the comments here and from others during the past few days, we are currently working to eliminate the start and end time as a required field. Visit this posting for a status/update. Registering when someone uses the Enter key and accommodating larger pictures are two things we’ll explore.

    Thank you again for the suggestions.

  3. Dan
    Dan Farr

    The fields for the event time are no longer required when entering Community Events in the One Backend System.