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Have you ever had a family request a video be created, even before you had the chance to offer? In other words, the video was a very high priority.

As always, your input is very valuable to the success of the CarriageOne offering of products and services. Use this as an opportunity to discuss what it is that you do that works and doesn’t work.


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  1. Linda Clyne
    Linda Clyne

    Last week I had a Brother from the Fr. Solanus Capuchin Monastery come in to see if we could do a DVD of Fr. Solanus for their 50th Anniversay of the Guild on Saturday night. He had been to a visitation and saw a presentation and thought it was wonderful. The dinner affair was an elegant dinner hosting to 300 people, including many influential benefactors as well as an Archbishop from Rome. The beatification of Fr. Solanus has been a slow process but one in which many of us are looking forward to. The Clyne and Fletcher families have been a long supporter of this cause and I was thrilled that they came to us to create this meaningful DVD. I donated the DVD to the cause and agreed to give 20% of the proceeds from the sale of additional DVD’s. So far we have a request for 10!

  2. Dan
    Dan Farr

    Linda, this is really great news. Just think of the exposure the video and your business is getting and has gotten in the past from Tribute Videos. Way to go Linda!

    Please keep us posted here on the sales.

  3. Christy

    We’ve had requests from local business people wanting to do videos for those still alive – such as Dr. James Cooper. They wanted to honor him at dinner and showed the slideshow during dinner. We are also talking with a local nursing home to do one for their residents.