Family Administrators?

Can a family administrator assist the funeral home with approvals of condolences?

Yes they can! Even though adding a family administrator to approve condolences does not alleviate the Carriage business from ensuring approvals are done on a timely basis, a family administrator can assist in doing these approvals. From the One Backend System please go to the “At Need” tab and click on “List”. From the List view, either select the name or type the last name on the search blank. Clicking on Search will find the obituary. Once you’ve located the obituary, please click on the name from the list. From the view obituary mode, please click on “Edit” at the bottom of the obituary screen. Once in the Edit screen, please scroll down the webpage to the “Family Administrators” section. From the Family Administrators section, please enter the administrators email address and click “Add” on the left side of the blank. After logging in from the Memorial Website of a loved one, the family administrator will now have the ability to approve and remove condolences, photos, candles, etc.

Have you ever added or wanted to add a Family Administrator to assist in approving condolences? Have you ever wondered how this worked or what a Family Administrator can do to assist? Please post your comments, questions or suggestions here in the CarriageOne Blog.


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