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Now you can post merchandise on your CarriageOne website. Login to the One Backend System and select the Website tab. Once the Website tab opens, select the Merchandise section (website administrative privileges necessary).

With the Merchandise section open, choose New Category at the bottom of the screen. In the Name area, type the name of the merchandise category (i.e. flowers, caskets or urns) and click Submit.  Once you have a category created, click View Products to the far right of the new category. In the Merchandise Products section, click on New Product at the bottom of the screen and fill in the form that appears. Add a product name, detailed description and as many photos as you’d like using the Upload button. Once finished completing the Basic Information screen, be sure to click Submit at the bottom of the form.

Your Merchandise webpage is deactivated by default so that you would not have a blank webpage before you have time to set your merchandise up. Please activate the Merchandise webpage by clicking on the Website tab and clicking on the Setup section (website administrative privileges necessary). Once you have accessed the Setup section, check the box next to the  Merchandise section and click on Submit at the bottom of the webpage to complete the activation.


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