Tassels, Laminate and Laminator

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NOW AVAILABLE – a new group of support products for your personalized bookmarks. Available on the CarriageOne support website at: http://carriage.support.funeralone.com/

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  1. Donna Dwyer
    Donna Dwyer

    How much will this cost me?

  2. Dan
    Dan Farr

    Great question, thank you for asking. Soon we will have a new supply store for you to place your orders. Until then here is a run down on pricing.

    Laminating Machine –
    4” Laminator = $175
    10” Laminator= $255
    12” Laminator= $295

    Bookmark clear pouches – Pack of 100 5 Pack
    14 Mil $34.60 $32.87
    10 Mil $31.70 $30.12

    Please note that these are available with or without the hole punch for tassels. There are also bigger discounts available for larger orders.

    Prayer card clear pouches –
    14 Mil $13.85 $13.16
    10 Mil $10.60 $10.07

    Please note that bigger discounts are available for larger orders.

    Tassels $.28 ea or $28.00 per 100