What About Facebook?

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As most of you I’m sure know, one of the benefits of the Memorial Websites is that they are “social media” friendly. Worldwide there are over 500 million Facebook users. Would it make sense to tap your CarriageOne website into this huge pool of people? ABSOLUTELY. This is exactly what we’ve done. Every time a visitor to a Memorial Website either “Recommends”, “Likes” or “Shares” a specific posting and/or a Memorial Website, a link is posted to that users news feed where all of their Facebook friends will see it. When the user’s friends click on the link that will now appear in their news feed as well, it leads them back to the Memorial Website within your CarriageOne website. Essentially, we just hitched your website to the largest pool of people in the world.

Do you think you’ll get more visitors to your CarriageOne website? Please post your comments, questions or suggestions here in the CarriageOne blog.

Why can’t I see the Facebook options such as Recommend, Share or Like on my Carriage computer?

When logged into any computer that has Facebook blocked, the Facebook options will not appear. This was necessary to display the Tribute Wall properly.


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