Tribute Videos on Memorial Websites

Recently the hottest topic is “how do I get the Tribute Video on the Memorial Website”?

This is one of the easiest tasks you’ll ever perform done correctly. While creating a Tribute Video, the first screen you’ll see is the General Information section. The first line in the General Information screen is Full Name. Please, do not type the name in. Instead use the Import button just to the right of the Full Name field. When you click on the Import Button you’ll be given a list of CFSS case files. Please choose the case you’re creating a video for and click OK. Not only does this bring over the name and dates, it also links the video project to the Case and Memorial Website. After going through the process of generating the video, simply click the “Upload” button.  The “Upload” button will be below the “Burn” button where you create copies of your video.  So long as you used the method described above, your video will upload and attach itself to the appropriate Memorial Website automatically.

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